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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  September 1, 2014 7:58am-8:01am EDT

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what it is specifically, but i'm going to say it's going to have an outline. i'm so excited to have an outline to work off of. laugh thank you for your question. [applause] [inaudible conversations] >> let's thank david cross for great presentation. [applause] we'll see you at the new deal store. [inaudible conversations] >> every weekend booktv officers programming -- offers programming on nonfiction authors and week -- and books. watch any of our past programs online at >> here's a rook at some of the best selling nonfiction books according to chicago tribune.
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>> and that's this month's list of nonfiction best sellers according to the chicago tribune. >> on this labor day, booktv continues until 8 a.m. tuesday. today dr. ezekiel emanuel
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discusses the american health care system, and julia england talks about the surveillance state. then former supreme court justice john paul stevens on the constitution. hillary clinton sits down to discuss her book, "hard choices," and much more. for a complete schedule, go to >> host: and the book is called the people's mat form: -- platform be: taking back power and culture in the digital age. the author is astra taylor who joins us from our new york studio. ms. taylor, in this book you write about openness, and you say that new media thinkers have claimed openness as an appropriate utopian ideal for our time and the concept has caught on. does that apply to the internet as well? is it open? >> guest: that's exactly what i'm asking. it seemed like the internet was going to sort of magically solve all of the problems of the old media model.


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